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1.1The Ten Most-Used Languages in Open-Source Projects 16
3.1Index and Pointer Code for Accessing an Array a with Elements of Type T 65
5.1Common POSIX, Win32, and Java Thread and Synchronization Primitives 163
6.1Common Project Subdirectory Names 183
6.2User Variables Commonly Defined in Makefiles 193
6.3Variables Maintained by make 194
6.4File Identification Tags Used in Revision Control Systems 206
7.1Common File Names 226
7.2Common File Extensions 227
7.3Hungarian Notation Primitive Types, Type Constructions, and Name Qualifiers 236
7.4Hungarian Notation for Common Visual Basic and Microsoft Access Types and Controls 237
8.1Source Files Corresponding to sendmail Documentation Headings 246
8.2Common troff Commands and Man and mdoc Line Macros 262
8.3Common Texinfo Commands 263
8.4The javadoc Tags 263
8.5Unix Reference Manual Sections 264
9.1NetBSD Kernel Directories and Corresponding Modules 295
10.1Common Regular Expression Building Blocks 341
10.2Regular Expression Search Commands in Popular Editors 341
A.1Contents of the Book's CD-ROM 400

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