SQL Back-end

CScout can dump the relationships of an entire workspace in the form of a SQL script. This can then be uploaded into a relational database for further querying and processing.

To generate the SQL script simply run CScout with the switch -s dialect, where the argument specifies the SQL dialect (for example, mysql, or postgresql). The SQL script will appear in CScout's standard output, allowing you to directly pipe the results into the database's client. For example, say the database you would want to create for your project was called myproj.
For MySQL you would write:

	echo "create database myproj; use myproj ;"
	cscout -s mysql myproj.cs
) | mysql
For PostgreSQL you would write:
createdb -U username myproj
cscout -s postgres myproj.cs | psql -U username myproj
For HSQLDB you would write:
cscout -s hsqldb myproj.cs |
java -classpath $HSQLDBHOME/lib/hsqldb/hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.util.SqlTool --rcfile $HSQLDBHOME/lib/hsqldb/sqltool.rc mem -
The direct piping allows you to avoid the overhead of creating an intermediate file, which can be very large.