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The GTWeb system demonstrates how trip diaries can be created and presented by exploiting the synergies of integrating different information appliances and publicly accessible databases. A GTWeb site consists of a trip overview, timelines, maps, and annotated photographs. The site is created by processesing a user's GPS track log and digital camera pictures, linking them with a gazetteer database, topography, and coastline data. Our choice of consumer-grade appliances demonstrated that many interesting pervasive computing applications can be constructed by combining ordinary equipment in innovative ways, while a survey showed that end-users are interested in tools that allow them to effectively use the new data types generated by their appliances.

This page contains the software described in the article Diomidis Spinellis. Position-annotated photographs: A geotemporal web. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2(2):72-79, April-June 2003.

You can see an example here. The software is a research prototype; it is command-line driven, is written for specific GPS and picture data formats, and depends on external programs and data like GMT - The Generic Mapping Tools. It is made available with the hope that other researchers can build on it. You might also be interested to read about Microsoft's WWWMX - World Wide Media Exchange programme; another line of related work.


GTWeb is hereby made freely available as Open Source Software. You can download it from the following links:


The programs are run in a directory that should contain: In addition, the environment variable MAPDIR should point to a directory containing the map data.

To create the GTWeb site the following steps are required:

  1. Annotate the track log with location data using the program called near.
    near -w /pub/data/locations.txt way.way track.trk >ntrack.trk
  2. Run the program
    perl ntrack.trk pmeta.xml

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