Common File Extensions

Extention Contents
.man Unix manual page source
.encoding Text in a particular encoding (e.g. .utf8)
.language-code Text in a particular language (e.g. .de for German)
.lib Library---collection of object files
.s Assembly language source (Microsoft DOS / Windows, Unix)
.psp Web server-executed source
.awk Awk (language) source
.frm Microsoft Visual Basic source
.com MS-DOS/NT, OS/2 Rexx , VMS commands
.png Microsoft Windows, X-Windows, portable bitmap file
.c C source
.cpp, .cxx C++ source
.cs C# source
.class Java compiled file
.sh Unix csh, sh (Bourne) shell source
.def Microsoft Windows or OS/2 executable or shared library definition
.so Shared object library (Microsoft Windows, Unix)
.vbp Microsoft Developer Studio project and workspace file
.dvi Documentation in troff or TeX device-independent output
.el Emacs lisp source
.tbl Equations, pictures, tables to be typeset by eqn, pic, tbl
.Z File compressed with gzip or compress
.h C or C++ header file
.hpp C++ header file
.icon Microsoft Windows, X-Windows icon
.idl Interface definition file
.info Documentation generated by GNU Texinfo
.tar File collection in Java, Unix shell, tape archive format
.java Java source code
.jcl IBM JCL instructions
.l Lex (lexical analyzer generator) source
.m4 M4 (macro processor) code
.mk Makefile (also often without any extension)
.mif Documentation exported by FrameMaker
.me Documentation using troff mm, me macros
.roff Documentation in plain troff format
.obj Object file
.ok Local additions to the spell-check dictionary
.pod Perl, module source, documentation
.ps Postscript source, or formatted documentation
.py Python source
.rb Ruby source
.res Microsoft Windows resource, compiled resource script
.sed Sed (stream editor) source
.test Test file
.tcl Tcl/Tk source
.texi Documentation in TeX or LaTeX, GNU Texinfo format
.y Yacc (parser generator) source