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From: (Diomidis Spinellis)
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Subject: How to decode DTMF tones (was BT technology at fault on itemised bills)
Date: 21 Apr 1993 15:44:58 GMT
Organization: Dept. of Computing, Imperial College, University of London, UK.
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>From article <>, by (Richard Cox):
> Not as many people have the ability to decode these tones, as one might
> think.  Nevertheless a loophole to be aware of.
How to decode DTMF tones:

1) Record the tones
2) Dial your friendly bank computerised access system
3) Login with your account and PIN
4) Give commands for a payment or transfer
5) Play back the tones
6) Press # to terminate the "ammount in pence"
7) Listen to the message asking you to verify the transaction which
   includes the numbers you played back.
8) Cancel the transaction
9) Hang up

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