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Cross-Media Service DeliveryTable of Contents

CMSD 2003 Conference Committeesix
Contributing Authorsxi
Part I: Business Issues
European Media Industries Go Digital1
Convergence and the implications for journalism education13
Location Based Target Advertising25
The information logistics approach toward a user demand-driven information supply37
To print or not to print (digitally)? Innovative digital printing characteristics and their degree of penetration in print media markets49
Part II: Architectures
The Use of Broadcast Infrastructures for On-Demand Services61
Architecture for modeling services and creation of a Service Level Agreement using XML technologies73
Smartcast - Produce Once Publish everywhere for interactive multimedia85
Imagine Once - Advertise Everywhere: A Case Study of Multi Platform Interactive Advertising97
Part III: Technologies
A QoS aware e-learning service framework: The MOICANE case109
Hierarchically Embedded Content and Content Descriptors as Basis for Cross-Media Applications121
An open framework for propagating QoS requirements of MPEG-4 video streams over a Differentiated services network133
Packet marking for traceback of illegal content distribution145
A Security Incident Sharing and Classification System For Building Trust in Cross Media Enterprises157
Part IV: Applications
OLYMPIC: Using the Internet for real time coverage of major athletic events169
IRAIA: A portal technology with a semantic layer coordinating multimedia retrieval and cross-owner content building181
Delivering Interactive Enhanced Sports Content to Thin-Client DTV STBs193
Video Assisted Geographical Information Systems205
A Digital Rights Management System and Copyright Protection for Digital Images of the Official Web Portal of the Hellenic Culture217

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