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Grconv converts between a large number of character sets, transcription, and transliteration methods that are used to represent Greek text. In addition, it supports a number of encodings used to represent those character sets in different environments. Grconv reads the file(s) specified in its command line printing the converted results on its standard output, or runs as a filter, reading text from its standard input printing the converted result on its standard output; the redirection operator > can be used to write to files. Grconv can be used in three different ways:
To convert between one character set and its representation method into another.
To transcribe or transliterate Greek text represented using a specified method into plain Latin characters.
To convert Latin text produced by the above transliteration operation back into a specified representation of Greek text.

The following character sets can be specified for the source and the target text:
MS737, cp737, 737, 437GR, IBM423, cp423, ebcdic-cp-gr, Latin-greek-1, iso-ir-27, greek7-old, iso-ir-18, greek-ccitt, iso-ir-150, latin-greek, iso-ir-19, greek7, iso-ir-88, IBM851, cp851, 851, MAC_GR, ISO_5428:1980, iso-ir-55, MS1253, cp1253, Windows, Windows-1253, ISO10646, ISO_10646, ISO-10646, Unicode, IBM869, cp869, 869, cp-gr, ISO_8859-7:1987, 928, ELOT928, iso-ir-126, ISO_8859-7, ISO-8859-7, ELOT_928, ECMA-118, greek, and greek8.

Note that many of the above names are aliases for the same character set.

Unicode data can be read or written using the following encodings:
UCS-2, UCS-16, UCS-16BE, UCS-16LE, UTF-8, UTF-7, Java, and HTML.

All 8-bit character sets can be read or written using the following encodings:
8bit, Base64, Quoted, RTF, HTML, HTML-Symbol, HTML-Lat, and Beta.


Current grconv version is 1.12-1.

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