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Stat is a program that brings all the power of the stat(2) system call to the shell programer. It can be used to print various characteristics of a file such as its size, permissions, dates, type etc. in a variety of user specified formats. The output can be easily manipulated with tools such as awk, sed and sort to provide complex file selection and printing mechanisms. Obvious applications are novice-user-friendly versions of ls(1) and getting the mode of a file in a way that can be later used by chmod(1). It has been tested under 4.3 BSD, AIX, HP/UX, SunOS, and Ultrix.

The output format is specified at three different levels in a printf(3S) like way. A global output format string specifies the items which are printed. The way the different time values are printed is specified by other format strings. Finaly the way each individual field is printed (number base, justification, padding) can be specified using the normal printf specifications.

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