Trouble Spots

2001-09-17 Urban [...]
  * proc.c: Go back to the interruptible sleep as reconnects
    seem to handle it now.
2001-07-09 Jochen [...]
  * proc.c, ioctl.c: Allow smbmount to signal failure to reconnect
    with a NULL argument to SMB-IOC-NEWCONN (speeds up error
2001-04-21 Urban [...]
  * dir.c, proc.c: replace tests on conn-pid with tests on state
    to fix smbmount reconnect on smb_retry timeout and up the
    timeout to 30s.
2000-08-14 Urban [...]
  * proc.c: don't do interruptable_sleep in smb_retry to avoid
    signal problem/race.
1999-11-16 Andrew [...]
  * proc.c: don't sleep every time with win95 on a FINDNEXT