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Automated Drawing of UML Diagrams

Version 5.7 Under development
Version 5.6 2012-05-31
  • Maven artifact deployment
Version 5.5 2012-05-13
  • Added ability to make aggregate relationships (@has and @composed) navigable through the new @navhas and @navcomposed relationships. (Contributed by Alan Jeffrey.)
  • Make UMLGraphDoc generation compatible with JDK 7 (Contributed by Stefano Martina.)
  • Moved project's source code repository hosting to GitHub.
  • Various documentation improvements.
Version 5.4 2011-01-08
  • Make the generation of diamond shapes compatible with GraphViz 2.27. (Contributed by Soraya Santana de la Fe.)
  • Make the diagram elements appearing in HTML content clickable. (Contributed by Bernd Onasch.)
  • Fix to ensure that class images only appear once. (Contributed by Zhigang Xie.)
Version 5.3 2010-05-24
  • Sequence diagrams provide an option to specify whether objects are underlined or not.
  • Documentation generated with UMLGraph will process correctly non-ASCII characters. (Fix contributed by Gunho Kim.)
  • New -dotexecutable option allows the explicit specification of dot's location. (Contributed by Laird Nelson.)
  • UmlGraphDoc will obey the options specified through @opt tags within Java files. (Contributed by Laird Nelson.)
  • Use a logical font rather than a font file name for italics. This fixes a problem with unresolved fonts under Windows and modern versions of Graphviz. (Suggested by Przemyslaw Szufel.)
  • Support for javadoc's -linkoffline option. (Contributed by Nikita Kozlov.)
  • Do not show relations of hidden fields. (Fix contributed by Cimballi.)
Version 5.2 2008-12-03
  • Corrected case of the tools.jar filename in the umlgraph shell script. (Reported by Øyvind Jergan).
  • Fixed exception when an unknown class dependency is specified. (Reported by Jan Schlüter).
  • Corrected NullPointerException occurring when no global options were available. (Fix supplied by Bernd Blacha.)
Version 5.1 2008-08-27
  • Active classes now appear with a double vertical border, following UML2.
  • Reorganized the documentation of class diagram options.
  • New class diagram options -nodesep and -ranksep, which allow fine control of the generated diagram layout. (Patch submitted by Trustin Lee.)
  • A class's title will appear as a tooltip in image files that support this feature. (Patch submitted by Anthony Callegaro.)
  • Nested class hyperlinks to Javadoc documentation now work correctly. (Patch submitted by David P. Caldwell.)
  • The guillemot characters are now output with their Unicode HTML numeric escapes instead of their HTML symbolic values. This makes the output work correctly on Mac OS X, and is also easier to validate with XML tools. (Patch submitted by Joshua Lim.)
  • UmlGraphDoc now supports Javascript-collapsible UML diagrams. A new option -collapsible can be used to enable this feature. (Patch submitted by Franz Wilhelmstoetter.)
Version 5.0 2007-11-29
  • All code now lives under org.umlgraph. This change requires corresponding modifications to the UMLGraph callers.
  • Add support for six new shapes: node, component, package, collaboration, usecase, and activeclass. These shapes require GraphViz 2.16 or newer.
  • A new @note tag allows the annotation of elements with comments. (Suggested by Sébastien Pierre.)
  • A new @commentname option allows the naming of elements with the text of the javadoc comment.
Version 4.9 2007-09-28
  • Note that from this version UMLGraph requires JDK 6.
  • Added installation instructions.
  • Improved documentation for invoking UmlGraph.
  • Command-line scripts for invoking UmlGraph from Windows and Unix.
  • Test data is now compatible with the output of the JDK 6 javadoc
  • Java 6.0 deprecated methods are marked in the code as such.
  • The -noguillemot option now outputs escaped characters compatible with version 1.13 of Graphviz. (reported by Roger Alexander).
  • Fix inferred relations of maps to primitive Java types. (reported by Przemyslaw Wesolek).
Version 4.8 2007-05-10
  • This is the last version compatible with Java 1.5.
  • UmlGraph can now be invoked directly as a jar file.
  • Support for sending results to the standard output for piping into dot.
  • The distribution includes an example shell script and batch file for invoking UmlGraph.
Version 4.7 2007-03-26
  • Correct the build file for generating the UmlGraph javadocs under Unix (Dirk Datzert)
  • Correct output of UmlGraphDoc path-relative file names under Windows (fix by: Panagiotis Astithas)
  • Fix InvocationTargetException when a relative output file name is given (reported by: Georgios Gousios)
Version 4.6 2007-02-05
  • Portability fix so that UmlGraphDoc can now run again under Unix (bug introduced in version 4.5).
  • Note: Image maps and the UmlGraphDoc tests will not work correctly with dot 2.12; see this GraphViz problem report.
Version 4.5 2006-12-14
  • Correct running of the UmlGraphDoc tests
  • Correct the JavaDoc generation (Maxim Butov)
  • Correct appearance of generic names (Ivan F. Villanueva B.)
  • UmlGraphDoc now handles filenames with embedded spaces (reported and tested by Jörn Guy Süß and Christophe DENEUX)
Version 4.4 2006-07-19
  • Major new functionality: UmlGraphDoc, a new doclet that can generate context and package class diagrams integrated with the standard javadoc output. Uses the same switches as UmlGraph. (Andrea Aime)
  • Removed -verbose2 option, use the standard -quiet option instead to avoid UmlGraphDoc and UmlGraph printing notices. (Andrea Aime)
  • Added a -inferdepvis option that allows to control which member of a class will be used for dependency inference. Acceptable values are private, package, protected and public. Makes sense when inferring dependencies without using -useimports.
  • Added a -inferdepinpackage option that enables dependency inference among classes in the same package. This is disabled by default, since there is no reliable way to infer dependencies, and classes in the same package are supposed to be related anyway.
  • Support the -link flag in the same way as the standard doclet, in order to populate the api doc map, used to generate image maps with links to associated external classes.
  • Filter-out the static initializer method from classes (Andreas Studer)
Version 4.3 2006-03-05
  • Now using HTML labels in dot files. This allows for a different font in each row of the class nodes. Added options to control fonts for class names, packages and tags. (Andrea Aime)
Version 4.2 (internal release)
  • Correct the handling of qualified class names following the extends keyword (Arnaud Rogues).
  • Relationship inference support. When enabled UMLGraph will try to compute relationships and dependecies by field/method/import statements examination. (Andrea Aime)
  • Standard class lookup for association targets. The target can be specified by name without the need to include the full package information, imports and standard visibility rules will be applied to determine the actual class (Andrea Aime)
  • A views feature provides the ability to specify option overrides for classes satisfying specific conditions and to generate multiple diagrams in a single doclet invocation. See the new tags @view, @match and the command line parameters -d, -view, -views (Andrea Aime)
  • Options can be reset to their default value using the "@opt !option" syntax (useful for local overrides and in views) (Andrea Aime)
  • Javadoc documentation (Andrea Aime).
  • Centralized option handling in the Option class (even for command line arguments) (Andrea Aime).
Version 4.1 2005-11-15
  • Major source code reorganization to move closer to the Java coding conventions. The user-visible change is that the doclet is now invoked as
    javadoc -docletpath UmlGraph.jar -doclet gr.spinellis.umlgraph.doclet.UmlGraph
  • Show package visibility for class members (Olek Poplavskyy).
  • Prevent crash when processing erroneous relation specifications (Andrea Aime).
  • Most loops were refarctored to use the typesafe Java 1.5 foreach construct.
  • Fix Eclipse warning (Andrea Aime).
  • Better control of class hiding. Now classes are hidden even when involved in a relationship with a visible class (Andrea Aime).
  • Source code modifications to allow Java-based testing (Andrea Aime).
Version 3.3 2005-10-19
  • The sequence diagrams now include support for drawing comments and frames. (Contributed by Sebastian Setzer)
  • The -noguillemot option will output two angle bracket pairs instead of round brackets around stereotypes.
Version 3.2 2005-07-19
  • Display the template arguments of generic classes inside angle brackets. Note that according to the UML specification these arguments should be displayed in a dashed box on the top right of the class. However, such a display is currently not possible in GraphViz.
  • Display the type parameters of fields and method arguments.
Version 3.1 2005-03-26
  • Note that from this version UMLGraph requires Java 1.5.
  • First step of the Java 1.5 transition; more will follow.
  • The container code in the source was changed to use the Java 1.5 generics.
  • Will display enumerations as a stereotyped primitive type. Two new options -enumerations and -enumconstants control the corresponding operation.
Version 2.10 2004-11-19
  • This is the last version compatible with Java 1.4.
  • Corrected the interaction between the -attributes and -operations options and classes with no fields or methods. Many thanks to Jonathan Wright for this contribution.
  • New documentation look, designed by George Zouganelis
Version 2.9 2004-10-07
  • Class diagrams can now include constructors, through the new -constructors option.
Version 2.8 2004-08-09
  • Fixes to support the Maven plugin.
  • From this version onward, use the appropriate options to create documentation links; no hyperlinks are created by default.
Version 2.7 2004-08-06
  • The -noguillemot option will output round brackets around stereotypes, instead of angle brackets. The angle brackets appear to be breaking some programs.
Version 2.6 2004-08-03
  • Note that from this version UMLGraph requires Java 1.4.
  • Documentation example: multiple views from the same source. Many thanks to Vadim Nasardinov for this contribution.
  • Documentation now includes a FAQ section.
  • Documented the fact that package names must be explicitly specified in tags. Arne Bayer noticed the associated problem.
  • Correct handling of multiple space in tags. Noted by Jeffrey M. Thompson which the help of FindBugs.
  • Completed customization of URL mapping. Now the mapping is fully configurable and can be controlled by the use of two new options: "-apiDocRoot" and -"apiDocMapFileName". This change allows the creation of "clickable" diagrams fully integrated with web-based documentation (for example JavaDoc pages). The upcoming UMLGraph Maven plugin will take full advantage of this feature. Implementation contributed by Nascif Abousalh-Neto
  • The -hide argument now accepts regular expressions.
  • Removed copy-pasted Java code that was introduced in version 1.24.
  • Some dot edges were missing a semicolon. This is now fixed.
Version 2.5 2004-06-15
The object swimlanes in a sequence diagram can now show nested object invocations. This very useful and non-trivial change was contributed by Jonathan R. Santos.
Version 2.4 2004-05-29
Will now generate local URL hyperlinks for packages specified in the command line; and links to the Sun documentation for all other packages. Many thanks to Nascif Abousalh-Neto for contributing this change.
Version 2.3 2004-05-27
  • Remove hardcoded default node and edge fonts. Thanks to Vadim Nasardinov for submitting the corresponding patch.
  • Generate javadoc hyperlink paths in a directory-tree structure; do not show arcs on hidden classes. Thanks to Alessandro Riva for submitting the corresponding patch.
Version 2.2 2004-05-25
SVG class diagrams containing guillemot characters for stereotypes can now be made valid through a new -outputencoding option. Use "-outputencoding UTF-8" when using dot to generate SVG diagrams. Many thanks to Nascif Abousalh-Neto for bringing this problem to my attention.
Version 2.1 2004-05-16
The guillemot characters used for the create and destroy stereotypes are now portable between groff and pic2plot. Many thanks to Scott Johnson (Duluth, MN) for recommending the change.
Version 2.0 2004-05-09
  • Support for drawing sequence diagrams.
  • New distribution format.
  • Browsable and printable documentation.
  • Removed the ant-based compilation and distribution system; it was proving a hindrance in organizing the project in a resonable manner. Compiling the documentation and distribution is now handled by a (non-distributed) Makefile; the compilation process is described in the README file.
Version 1.24 2003-07-30
Changes by Art Hampton (thanks):
  • Create the appropriate label for relationship tags when referring to classes which were not parsed by javadoc.
  • New "-hide <matchstring>" option, where <matchstring> matches the end of the name of an entity. Matched entities are removed from the graph. A regular expression matching facility will be added when Java 1.4 becomes more widespread.
Version 1.23 2003-05-7
Added -output command-line option, and an ant-based build file. Modified the dot output to avoid triggering a graphviz bug that made escape codes visible.
Version 1.20 2003-04-25
Fixes by Nick Efthymiou (thanks): will generate SVG hyperlinks to Javadoc documentation, better handling of abstract class fonts, and correct listing of interfaces.
Version 1.19 2002-09-20
New options: nodefontname, nodefontabstractname, nodefontsize, nodefontcolor, edgefontname, edgefontsize, edgefontcolor, edgecolor, bgcolor.
Version 1.18 2002-08-26
  • Can now specify class-local options.
  • Support for the @tagvalue tag.
  • Support for the @stereotype tag.
  • Added nodefillcolor option.
Version 1.15 2002-07-26
First public release.